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The following Terms &Conditions outline the rules and regulations for the usage of our website. Jortour is located at Kings Cross, N1C4AA
London, United Kingdom.

By the act of access to this site, we assume you have accepted these Terms &Conditions in full. We request you not to make use of our website by whatsoever means if you do not accept all of our Terms &Conditions provided in this section.

The below terminologies apply to these Terms &Conditions, Our Privacy Policy as well as any disclaimer notice and any of all the available agreements.

“Customer”, “You” and “Your” describes the entity having access to this website and accepting the online store and company’s Terms &Conditions. The “Online Store”, “Company”, “Ourselves”, “We”, and “Us” “This Website”, “Site” points to our Online Fashion store. The general terms refer to the offer, acceptance and any consideration of payment necessary to undertake the process of our assistance to the Customer in the most suitable way, whether through the formal meeting of a fixed duration, or any other means, for the direct reason of meeting the customers needs in relation to the provision of the Online Fashion store products and/or services in relation to the law that prevails in the United Kingdom. Any usage of the above terminologies or other words in the singular, plural, capitalization, and/or he/she or they, are taken as interchangeable and therefore as giving meaning to the same.


Use of Cookies:

This site makes use of the cookies to help us retrieve user details of any user who accesses our site at any given point. By making use of Jortour’s online fashion store, you consent to the cookie usage in relation to the Privacy Policy of our website. Cookies are normally utilized in some areas of our pages to give the ability of functionality of the respective section or area and the simplicity of utilization for those people accessing the area. To our affiliate and/or advertising partners, they may also make use of the site cookies.



Unless otherwise as outlined, Jortour and/or it’s licensors own the rights of intellectual assets for all the materials on Jortour. Please note that the whole of the rights of the intellectual property are normally put under reservation.

You Must Not:

  • Republish any content, material, product(s) from http://jortour.com,
  • Sell, rent, or sub-license contents, material, products from http://jortour.com
  • Reproduce, duplicate or copy any content, material, product from http://jortour.com
  • Redistribute any product from Jortour (unless the product is uniquely generated, produced or made for the purpose of redistribution)
  • Hyperlinking to our products or materials thereof.

The Mentioned entities are granted the access to connect to our site without a prior approval in written form.

  • Government agencies;
  • The Search Engines;
  • Other new organizations;
  • The specific suppliers in the online directories when listing Jortour in the specific directory(ies) via the hyperlinking action to the websites of other categorized enterprises.

These entities can connect to Jortour’s Homepage, to print media or to other website details provided that

  • The information is not misleading
  • Does not in anyway call for sponsorship in a false scheme


Registration of Accounts:

In the use of some of the products or services present in this website, you may be required to create a user account. At the time of registration, you are required to provide all the necessary details failure to which you won’t have access to the said features, products or services. The necessary details or information should have high levels of authenticity, accurate and complete by all means consisting of your legal names, correct addresses, email account address(es) and so on. Users already enrolled through registration have it in their power to make changes as desired after a successful login. If any of your registration details is altered, an update needs to be done concerning your overall account details or proceed to notify the administrator or Jortour via hello@jortour.com

We do have the right and freedom to makes alterations of the registration details if any case calls us to do so.


Purchase of Products:

For you to exercise the purchasing power from our site, you MUST be over the age of 18 years and above and be in the capacity to enter into trade contracts from the interconnection of networks (internet) in relation to the law provisions of Great Britain. You should also possess an address for shipping purposes within the United Kingdom and/or any E.U country globally.

When initiating a purchase on our website, bearing in mind you are not a registered customer and/or user, you will be prompted to insert some useful information about yourself that’s authentic correct and complete by all means. You also need to possess billing cards or the credit cards to initiate and complete a payment for our products. All products legally bought by you should not be re-sold or used for commercial gain but should be for personal and/or private use or bought as a token for another party.

Through initiating an offer to buy Jortour products, you directly give an authorization to Jortour to carry out checks for credits and if necessary to transfer or get your card details or the report details thereof- and that consists of any details updated to and/or from other parties for the authentication purposes in regards to your personal identification, to carry out the validation of your credit card, to get an original card authorization and/or to issue an authorization of a person trading transaction.

Through this, you agree that Jortour may make use of your private and/or personal details that you give for carrying out the anti-fraud chaecks appropriately. You agree that the personal details you provide may be accessed by the other parties such as the fraud agencies or credit reference entity which may preserve the whole record of your details.



When you place an order, you MUST adhere to the guidelines on the site on how to make and/or place orders as well as making the necessary adjustments to the respective order before making a submission through our site. Please note that all active orders are subject to our acceptance and any given product in your “cart” are not kept and therefore may be bought by other potential customers until that time your placed order is completed and accepted by Jortour.

Jortour sells the products available in the stock and those available for shipping to the respective destinations. Jortour offers you the opportunity to turn your notifications on through signing up for our regular newsletter for product updates.

When you surrender a placed order via our site, you enter into an agreement with us that you do so directly in accordance to our Terms &Conditions at the date you surrender and/or submit the placed order. It’s your full duty to review and read our Terms &Conditions from time to time.


Order Acceptance:

Once you make an order, an email acknowledgement will be sent consisting of the order information. It’s not our obligation to distribute our product(s) to you until that time Jortour accepts your placed order for that product via email or any other means. We may send an acknowledgement having a reference code or number of the said product.

We have the right to stop any processing of any given order and also you have the mandate to terminate your order. Once you terminate the placed order before we accept it or if at any time, we terminate your order for a given reason, a prompt refund will be initiated, that is, if any payment has already been made by the provided options of payments. If you find out that you have made a flaw with your placed order and the overall payment and you find it necessary to contact us, use hello@jortour.comwithout hesitation.


Pricing List:

The prices shown on our website are in British pounds and therefore are not exclusive of taxation as well as the delivery fees. The time you make a selection from the provided lists of products, and thereafter place it in the empty cart, all charges are displayed after checking out the placed products. All the prices are constant as displayed on the site and may vary from time to time except in the scenarios of flaws. While all effort is made to make sure that all information on the site is correct, we may get a pricing error of the products. We will proceed to notify you of any error noted on our pricing list. If you happen to be a customer having an electronic card that is not configured in the UK pounds, your end product price shall be calculated in reference to the current exchange rate.



The payments for our products can be initiated by the use of various payment options we have. These include the Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa Electron as well as any other means of payment that may be provided by Jortour. When choosing to use PayPal as our preferred mode of payment, you will be directed to PayPal’s “Login” section where you will be prompted to “Pay Now”. Having insufficient funds in your PayPal or your debit cards will not complete your transactions.

As Jortour, we are taking all the necessary measure to ensure that our site remains authentic and safe for our clients. All the electronic cards processing is carried out by the help of Stripe, a secure gateway that protects online customers during any form of transaction. We proceed to preserve your card details in our website although we do depend on the gateway to do such.

We do take all the required care to ensure your personal information is kept safe from criminals. However, if we commit any form of negligence, we won’t be held responsible for any loss incurred if any other party accesses any form of data without prior authorization.


Products Delivery:

Jortour is responsible for any purchase made by clients in the course of transit and until the time the product is fully delivered to its destination. Kindly bear in mind that at some point, it may be impossible to make deliveries to some destinations and/or places. If this happens, we will initiate a call to request for the termination of the order and/or the change of the current address. If anyone is available at the delivery point, destination or address and again he/she is over 18 years, that person is deemed to be responsible for the delivered product on behalf of the principal client and the signatory thereof.

Upon delivery, you have the right to carry out some inspection of the ordered product for the right and accurate weight, quantity and for any flaws or damages.


Product Returns:

As a client who has chosen to return a given product for a given reason or reasons, you are responsible for adhering to our set guidelines in our Return Policy. Please refer to the document. Returning of any form of product is at our own peril and therefore we won’t accept any product defected or lost while being returned to our stores.

We do give guidelines on our return policy with much flexibility in order to make your online experience simple. However, it’s good it’s good to note that, we do offer limited returns and therefore we may fail to accept your returned product at some point.