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Our Privacy policy elaborates the reason why we gather client’s information for the purpose of using, disclosing and managing client’s personal details provided via our site or from any other point relevant to our business. This privacy policy does apply without any constraints to any entity that makes use of our site, creates an account via registration as outlined in our Terms & Conditions.

When you gain access to Jortour’s site, you come into an agreement with our Privacy Policy and that entails the mechanisms we employ in the utilization of your personal information as an account holder or not. If you do not come into terms with our provided Privacy Policy, you should as well stop from making use of our website and/or providing any from of details to our site.


This consists of the characteristics and/or features of the sent message which includes the time, dates as well as the content of the respective message sent to Jortour by registered or non-registered clients/users.


All the payment information as collected during the order placing from our website in relation to the products available in the stock. The credit/debit cards details and/or any extra information of the billing procedures such as the data for transactions, the card numbers, the expiry dates, the customer addresses as well as the CVV codes are collected.


Jortour collects your overall account information such as your legal names, contact information, date of birth, the username, password and other relevant details provided via the site, fashion events or from the stores.


The user’s IP address and other technical related details are sourced from the relevant servers as used by the user and other vendors. These details relate to data upon accessing the website. This expounds much on how the client uses the site data.


We reserve the right to collect any other information deemed as necessary to us when you make use of our website and /or mingle with us in such a way that your details end up with us.


Any other kind of detailed information outlined above which we bring together and/or deem anonymous such that it won’t be connected to you at any given point.


Jortours gathers client’s details and/or any other information via one or in multiple ways like

  1. Through the online forms provided on our website or on our other parties hosted site through a desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone.
  2. Through the dully filled manual forms as generated by us.
  3. Via the Short Messaging Service available and enabled on the smartphones and/or other phones, email and any other potential form of communication.
  4. Through any recorded information by our customer care of representative through a recorded call on telephone.
  5. Via conducted surveys from time to time and or;
  6. Through the fashion/clothing events we hold from time to time or by simply from our stores in London

Information on Destinations/Locations: Jortour does gather information regarding your location which is normally based on

Points from where you connect from your internet enabled device.

Via our app having the GPS capabilities to monitor your location details at current time.


Jortour uses the details you bestow for simple identification of the persons and parties whom we are dealing with. This ensures the provision of the bespoke details and products offered comprising of the enablement of the third parties to bring into display their adverts. We also gather the information from you so as to ease the communication as well manage it. The sourced information also helps us to commit ourselves to the fulfilment of the orders for the products placed by a customer. The information we collect from clients also aids us in the provision of our marketing information, product offers and any other content which we deem to be essential to the client.

If you want to be scrapped from our database and anything to do with our marketing list, you can proceed to send us an email at hello@jortour.com and we will opt you out.

We do have the right to make adjustments to this Privacy Policy from time to time so there is the necessity to revisit this site on regular basis.

If you have got concerns in relation to the overall privacy policy, kindly reach us via our contacts as provided.